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Update on our Bone Marrow Drives

In the past few months, we've been keeping very active in our mission to add as many people as possible to the national registry. We have spent almost every weekend hosting drives, going to the Semihan Church in both Carrolton and Frisco, the Great Tree Church in Carrolton, the Dallas Central Methodist Church, and the Forest Community Church. Thank you to all of these churches for letting us use their space for our mission.

Our hard work has paid off greatly, as our drives at these churches gave us an additional 400 people added to the registry. This brings our total to an astounding 650 people! Any of these people could be the match for someone in need of a bone marrow donation. We want to continue to host these drives and strive to raise this number to an even greater amount.

Throughout our journey, my sister and I have been assisted by an amazing team of volunteers and helpers that organize these drives and help spread the message to people that could potentially help. Thank you to our family members, family friends, and coworkers that have taken time out of their weekends to support this great cause!


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