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Discover the Power of Donating!

Our Organization

Did you know that bone marrow, nestled within the spongy core of our bones, plays a crucial role in producing new blood cells? It's a remarkable tissue that holds the potential to heal and transform lives.

Unfortunately, when diseases impair the proper functioning of the marrow, a marrow transplant becomes the lifeline for those in need.


That's where ShareWithShea comes in! We are dedicated to registering bone marrow donors and spreading awareness about the urgent need for donors, especially within ethnic minority groups. We believe that every individual deserves equal access to life-saving treatments, and we're determined to bridge the gap.


Many ethnic minority communities face unique challenges in finding suitable donors due to low enrollment in Be The Match, the national bone marrow registry. SharewithShea is on a mission to change that. By actively participating in the fight against blood cancer, we aspire to create a significant and lasting impact on lives across the globe.


Join us as we revolutionize the landscape of bone marrow donation. Together, we can shatter barriers, save lives, and inspire a wave of compassion that reaches far and wide. Let's be the driving force behind this incredible movement!


Are you ready to make a profound difference? Get involved with SharewithShea today!

Our Mission

Our mission at Share with Shea is to bring awareness to the life saving procedure on bone marrow transplantation. We want to encourage our community to become bone marrow donors themselves.

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