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Swab4Kim Through Share with Shea

My apologies, It's been a while since our last update. Things have been incredibly busy!

Recently, my pediatrician was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and is in desperate need of a match. Thus, I have been setting up tables at churches, hospitals, and universities in hopes of finding him a match.. We started at Youngnak Church in October and added 40 people to the Be the Match registry in just one hour! From there, we went to UT Southwestern and 150 more people registered.

The drives have been incredibly successful, and I am so grateful for the team I work with that helps me organize these events. Not only that, I am very thankful for those who take the time to listen to my mission and spend just 5 minutes of their day saving a life. While finding a match for my pediatrician will be difficult, I know the people who register have a chance of saving someone else's life. After all, Asian Americans make up a small percentage of the national registry, so I hope to continue making a difference with every person I add.


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