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Great Crowds for Great Causes

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

host talking to crowd about bone marrow donation
Hosting a great crowd eager to learn more about how to donate!

I had the honor of speaking to a crowd of more than 50 people late March! I really appreciate everyone that went and listened to me talk about bone marrow donations and how to register.

I began by describing Share with Shea’s goals and explaining what exactly bone marrow was (the spongy part of your bones) and segued into the importance of donating. The audience was respectful and attentive as I described the easy, life-saving process of donating bone marrow to those with blood cancer (leukemia) or various bone cancers. You can find the presentation on this website under the portfolio tab.

Everyone was also engaged as we all played an entertaining review game on my presentation. Most people did well on this pop quiz, which I’m glad as it showed they paid attention. While I was presenting, I also had the pleasure of introducing guest speakers. Both were recipients of bone marrow that they received from donors. They talked about how their lives were changed upon learning about their cancer and how they changed once again with the help of the donation. They were both amazing people with amazing stories, and I look forward to speaking with them more in the future. Big shout out to Mr. Jo and Mr. Warren!

At the end of the presentation, I already had so many people telling me they were going to register as soon as possible. I am so grateful to everyone who showed up and took time to learn how to change a life.


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